it’s been good it’s been it’s nice that we can get underway again and nicely here in dubai and yeah hopefully hopefully a very successful next couple of weeks a lot’s gone on since the last time we saw each other so be cool to reconnect and yeah just just get cracking into the tournament and i’ve been going the whole way through so making sure that i’m trying to be ready for this and hopefully try and win a few games and try and win the tournament looking forward to getting started up again it was a it was a pretty tough tour for us over there was the conditions were pretty difficult and played against a very good west indies and a very good bangladesh team so um but yeah it was it was a good learning experience for a lot of us and yeah looking forward to getting started in the fell again probably just getting back around around the team made some made some really good friends in that last uh in the in the first part of the ipl and yeah i’m looking forward to getting back and seeing all the guys and yeah continuing where we left off everything’s going to have to start afresh i think after a few months after a break of a few months but i suppose we can always look at the table and know that we’re up near the top there as it is with only seven games to go it means we’re in a pretty good position you

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