Why do most people live poorly throughout life? || Motivational

You might be surprised to hear that only about 1 per cent of the owners of Fifty Percent property of all our property in the world do so, why do most of us live forever from the poor, there is no reason for fate or other reasons, so today I am with Robert Kioskie All Time Best Selling book will be shared from Rich Dad's Poor Dad.

Why do most people live poorly throughout life?
Why do most people live poorly throughout life?

Robert Emo is one of the main sources of this problem. Our Education System The problem of our education system is what we learn through our ten percent and our practical life is not useful, so we get education from our parents or the people around us in the practical life. The problem here is if our parents are the world's top one percent law If not among them, then they also learn how to become poor instead of teaching themselves how to become rich, because they have learned that from childhood if a child asks his parents, why should I study? Most parents answer the question. You will get good jobs by studying. So that you can earn a lot of money that Robert Kiyosaki Pour Dad means his own father who did Ph.D., but he still had financial problems, but Roberts's Rich Dad meant that his friend's father, who was only this great pass, was Huay's wealthiest person. He used to say anything else he used to say that you should study so that you are a company

That's what we do wrong as we do not get around ourselves, so we want to take financial education from the whole. It also teaches us to live a lot in today's eds. But now that the internet is so active, now we have no problems finding them, Robert Kiosaki Napoleon Hill Sandeep Maheshbari is very much below that we can learn through the internet now.

  • Learning the right things from the right person:

After getting a job, most people buy a bike or buy some other thing that they have long been willing to buy from these days. I'm going to define two words this time, one is Assets and one is Live Ladies, and the set means that all the things that pocket money Comes like a rented home or a business or anything from which we have some regular income and a word is liabilities to send money from our pocket, such as bike four days a week to fill the oil, an expansive mobile which does not need to be anything which is going to get worse after a few years or a few months.
Hey, the shot is the main obstacle in the way of being rich, then do not use any bike or expensive mobile. It is wrong to say that only the maxim message of income is to be behind the assets and minimap is followed by the live lades of Money Income. One pixel must be removed before the parent, then to invest behind the assets, then to make all the necessary costs. The minimum amount of income should be spent on live ladies. It will gradually become rich, and if the income increases as the income increases, the situation will remain the same all day.

  • Maximum Assets & Minimum liabilities:

In compression process is usually two types of active and passive income means that you are working for the time that you are working for that time only because you are getting money as long as a shop is open and you are selling your goods while you are selling in the shops but your income is not When the shop is closed and you are sleeping in the house, you do not have an ink on the other, whereas passive income means where it is If you do not work, you will always be earning as if our little TV channel is sleeping while I am sleeping in the house, are we watching the video on our channel and there is going to be income from all the time. If you work for only one village then you are working For the one who pays full and if you work for Passive Income, then the money is working for you If you do not do that, the time you are working on the time you are working, then the short life span you are likely to be really wealthy.
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