This Is Why This Year Will Be The Year Of Messi Biography.

I had to Sacrifice a lot when I left home leaving Argentina to leave my family and start a new life, but what I did was only to fulfill my dream of football, because of this I do not carry too much party or other interesting things. He is still the youngest star in Barcelona to have the most emotional interview ever T said that how hard it was to bear the burden of leaving all his friends away from all the buddies without having to do all the invitations, he came abroad to start a new life, such a decision at a young age was so big because his goal was completely clear from his childhood. The day he wanted to be a great footballer and nothing else was ever more valuable to him that he was in his life.
This Is Why This Year Will Be The Year Of Messi Biography.
This Is Why This Year Will Be The Year Of Messi Biography.

Lesson 1: Be Ready To Sacrifice For Your Goal.

Very few of us probably know that at the age of 11, Messi had become interested in the development of the local powerhouse River Plate after he was diagnosed with hormone deficiency disease, but he did not agree to spend nine months on average for his treatment. At this time FC Barcelona's Spotting Director was fortunately aware of Messi's talent. Then there was a relative, so Messi and his father FC Barcelona succeeded to arrange a trial with the team and signed his first contract with a 13-year old use of Napkin because he was so enthusiastic that he wanted to sign him before the dinner was over. That is why the Spotting Director's Cal-Rack will call the waiter in the restaurant and one.

Lesson 2: If There is a will, there must be away.

BF Book, a Russian club once offered 30 million euros to Messi and bought at a price of 250 million euros, but Messi responded in one of his interviews, saying that Barcelona was not my life, where I reached the place where I reached, I can leave Barcelona No, I do not want to leave someday I know the Premier League is very good but I have never I can not think of playing in England because my heart will always be in Barcelona.

How deep is the love of Messi's love for football, it is very difficult to say that money was never inspirational to me. Money never gives me any inspiration or encourages me to play better, because maybe there are many benefits to be rich But I'm only happy to have a football foot in my legs that comes from the game I love playing the game so much so that if I was not a professional footballer, then I would have been playing football all day without anything.

Lesson 3: Love what You Do Not the Money

Yes it is true that Messi is not as good as the other great footballers, but it is not as good as a health, but Leo Messi has proved to be a glaring example in front of the world, and it has proved that besides the only health that is not enough, the more important it is is the mental Power If you ever feel like you might be bate or your health is not good or you Looks like no movie heroes, then look at Messi only once if he can fulfill his dream, then I can not find any reason why you can not fulfill your dream. Once Messi said that I still have a lot of good in my hand for many years and that's my only purpose is to spare someone who thinks that the rest of the day is not enough to me. That day is the biggest grief day and theoretical attitude for any player like me. Helping her to get better every day.

Lesson 4: Belief in Yourself

If you ever think you can not fulfill your dream, then just think once that why you started then continue fighting until you reach the goal. It may be that I learned the best of life from the god of football. That was Messi. He continued the war in that word to fulfill his dream. In another interview, he said, "Be prepared." You have to deal with many battles to reach your goal. You have to sacrifice a lot and work hard.
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