Never have the human rate || Motivational

Never have the human rate 

Once a gentleman was walking through an Elephant camp, he noticed that the elephants were not kept in any cage or with a thick chain, the only thing that prevented the elephants from escaping from the camp was that of a small rope, which means that the elephants have only one foot It was a great surprise to see the south that it was tied to it, thinking that the elephant wanted it By doing so, a girl can tear off the rope and run away. It does not matter to you, but why is it not trying to escape the elephants? It is curious that she stands near a train to ask for a question, who asked if the elephants were silent Standing there is no attempt to escape and why?

Never have the human rate || Motivational
Never have the human rate || Motivational

Then the figure told him or her, when the elephants were very young, we kept them tied with a string of the same size. It was enough to keep the elephants in that time, because of which, when elephants grew big when elephants grew up in their childhood. They started accepting that they were unable to escape the clock, even after they grew up, they still have it They do not even try to escape that they did not try to escape, because they did not try to escape from the camp, because if they did not run away from the camp, then they had developed a profound belief in themselves that they were left to leave the two Impossible in our childhood we were just like the elephants that we can do everything But as we grow older we have to face obstacles in different areas, and in this whole society, we started to understand that what we used to think in our childhood is wrong. We can not make all the big things in life so that we do not try it much.

We started learning to accept the rate of life in different aspects of our life, dreaming to build a decent business, whether we dream of building a good relationship or dream of becoming a healthy health, in some cases before it starts in We have learned to accept the rate and the worst thing is that in some cases just when success comes I did not have to give up and give up rate for a long time before I could spend a couple of years in the life of a competitive examination after having spent the preproduction, because only I did it twice, and once again I tried to say that the bald We must understand that the difficult times of life have not always been the happiest moments of our life It should be the main principle of our lives. Let us do whatever happens in our lives, because the difficult times of life teach us to become the only person to become stronger, we should be afraid not to try but not to try because all things are possible as long as you are alive You are healthy and have a free choice. Is not successful.

But yes, of course, you have to be realistic thinking. These two words are worth the rate and do not be together at all. Maybe you do not even know how much positive misses are hidden inside you. So when you are frustrated, like this video, a small reminder will give you your true power There can be a lot to help to remind us. We have some temporary failures to get the taste of success And Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam said that if you want to shine like the sun, then you have to learn to burn itself like the sun. Keep this in mind that if you accept defeat to military failures, only you will lose but if you are standing up again Then one day you will be successful, you may say why you are so busy but I'm still f I'll continue to run.

There are a few reasons that you should keep trying. Number One You have everything you need, you have the number, you are alive so nothing is impossible for you, number three you have to prove yourself, number four is not By accepting you will get a lot of learning, number five enjoys the happiness and success you deserve, the number six failure is absolutely self Bhabika, and above all, the success of Seven Numbers always brings good feelings.

For example, Jack said that in the house, there is always darkness in the house, do not lose it. Today's day may be tough, but maybe the next day is more than perfect, they always speak the truth to yourself and always keep your mind open to learn new things. Work hard but never accept the rate of your dreams when someone does not agree to accept that your dreams

Michael Jordan was dropped from his school basketball team, saying that he had no school, Henry Ford failed the business three times, and then at the age of 53, he was able to create a successful company named Ford Motor. There are many other living examples like those who have never accepted the rate, but the whole world criticized their failures, but they never lost faith in themselves.
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