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If you start from Anandpur start then there is a slight upside in your office. If you think that it was for the sake of a colleague, then you got angry and shouted at him and left him from the office. The condition of your blood pressure was completely cut off. For a few weeks, the effect of this incident is visible in the rest of the office Began to eat. Then you should try again to bring back the situation of the office in order to get the status of the mutual trust, but in the beginning, you had another option. You could take Situation to Assessment and take reassurance of it. A response does not mean that instead of blaming others, all the blame yourself Take on the neck Responsivity is not meant to mean solo consciously paused due to the situation because whenever you take the Situation Responsibility, you will begin to find ways that how to properly handle the situation. Do you try to find solutions?
Love anger || Motivational
Love anger || Motivational 

You will be able to manage independently independently of your own desires without reacting to the fact that you are in Situation, only when you accept that whatever you have in life, you must be aware of the responsibilities of residential people, often with the reaction of the reaction, and create awareness of the responsibilities There are no reactions to unnatural activity Responsibility is the freedom.

Let's talk about the three major emotions of our life. Let's see how it is possible to respond to the thread instead of touching it;

The first emotion: Anger:

We are usually fools in the head of anger, if you think in the mind then you will find that in the head of the rage you have made the most foolish of life, I am not telling you that you should not leave because it is wrong in principle, if you keep If you have a very good feeling, then put your head on fire, where is the problem, but the truth is that it is totally unpleasant. The real problem for you and for whom you are angry is that you have a misconception that you can change the situation by being angry but seeing your life's experience is actually the opposite, you never know that when you change your intelligence, Can not do Being angry gets worse if you see it clearly once you have taken the first step towards change. Besides, there is now enough vocational medical and scientific evidence that when you become angry, you start to poison the system itself. It can be verified through a little blood test. When you get angry, the chemistry in your body changes completely and it starts poisoning and starts physically This chemical match can be fixed again during labor or sleep If you keep it frequently, you are going straight to the physical and mental disaster, there is no doubt about it.

The Second Emotions: Complaining:

Complain is now become an endless habit for us to ask someone who responds with your responsibility to the person who is responsible for this situation and what to say when I was young, when my child was little, then my parents changed the same story a bit and we forget that The past is only in our memory, there is no real existence of memory. It is completely emotional if you can achieve the ability to cope, but your past can help you become stronger, but if you start to become passionate then the past will change the look of your current one. As a result, your thoughts, emotions, and responses are now inappropriate due to the situation. Now you have to choose a corporation, consciously, now, to respond to emotional or emotional, but there is a difference between the two but if there is something very bad with you Should be better, but in most cases it is inverted

Example: When a drunk two sons were grown they were drunk like a father, they said that what you expect from me, you see my father, did not touch the other one's life, he would also say what you expect from me to see my father If you want to make the biggest obstacle in life, then the key to making the greatest progress in life can be made if you manage your situation. If you take responsibility for yourself, but your bright future is waiting for you, but if you do not take any responsibilities, if you are to blame for your current situation, your parents, your girlfriend, your girlfriend or your office colleague, Destroying before coming.

The Third Emotion: Love.

You do not need anybody else in love. It is completely dependent on your own. It basically means that you have filled your emotions with sweets if you have any loved ones going to another country, you can still love him if you have a loved one who dies Then you can love him if he is physically present If you have the ability to love him, then love is right, it is just a quality of your own. You are only using another person as a key. Already you are inside you, why are you just skipping the keys when there is no lock in the door There is no wall, you create imaginary walls and doors, and then you have imagined tea for them It started to skip the key and when you found the key again, it was afraid to lose it again. For most people, love has a more joyful feeling at the beginning, but after some time it becomes the biggest concern Because the tea has passed away and you have your own will-will-you do not want it in your own pocket In case you were hung over and tried to keep the two lives heading straight toward disaster.
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