If you think life is so difficult || jon Jandai Motivational

If you think life is so difficult || Jon Jandai  Motivational

Do you sometimes think that life is becoming more complicated this day? Have you ever questioned why and there is no way to follow that we can simplify life today I am going to share the story of a farmer in Thailand with you? His name Jon Jandai, who is now the only one who talks to everyone, is Life Is Ezikinu, some years ago when John Banking had never felt that life is an easy bank. When he thought life was very difficult, life was very difficult. Jon Jandai was born in a small poor village in Thailand when he was young, everything was easy and fun to him, but then when his TV's TV was watching TV on various TV shows and listening to other people's opinions. He realized that he was very poor so he would have to go to Bangkok to get rich in success in life. He decided to go to Bangkok to get success in life, but after the bank, he realized the real joke that he came to Bangkok and realized that if he got some success in banking, To work harder, we have to learn a lot, but maybe he can get success.
If you think life is so difficult || jon Jandai  Motivational
If you think life is so difficult || Jon Jandai  Motivational

So he began to work hard for about half an hour every day, but still, he could not afford to buy anything except bowl noodles, which he was able to earn, and that the room he was staying in was also very unhealthy. There was a lot of people sleeping in a room, again on Bangkok's unbearable hot so hard work After working 8 hours a day, he was not able to eat enough food for himself. He could not sleep well, he felt like a robot. It was just going to work all day and enjoying the beauty of his life for one minute. There was no time.

So he started to ask why despite his hard work, his life is so difficult, why is there something wrong in the beginning? So he decided to study and admitted himself to the university but went to the university even after seeing that it was very difficult to teach there because it was very old as it was taught and when he saw the University Subject, he realized that for the university it would be useful. There is no product knowledge. He noticed every university in the university.

Again, students of Agriculture have been taught how to destroy the poison for their own interest in the river's water, they started feeling that they are complicated by the complexity of all the things that we are doing and then they themselves ask themselves, To get me in Bangkok, why did he remember his childhood words in his childhood village? I did not see anyone working 8 hours a day, only for two months a year, and for one month, for one month the rice was free to take the rice for the rest of the time. Free time was free for all the people, and even at noon they all slept a little bit and then started sleeping In the evening they started laughing and joking with each other.

Then there was time and since then there was a time when they had time to spend time with themselves and when we have time to spend time with ourselves, then we can understand ourselves properly, we understand that we are actually doing what we want in our lives. People had time to realize that they do not want money only in life, they want to stay happy they love each other They want to enjoy their life to, etc. So people could have realized the beauty of life, and so they started expressing him in different ways, and on the other hand, it was not possible for the bank to leave, so he decided to leave the university and return to the village.

But this decision was not easy because many people began to laugh at him and started looking at him neglect because after spending so much time in Bangkok, he could not get a good job and, above all, he did not try to get a better job. After returning to the village, he was returning home after making a decision to stay home without income And for a family of six people, a total of half a ton of rice is consumed in a year, he sold someone and a half pounds in the market and greeted some money and then he made two ponds that he cultivated fish in the pond and arranged for the fishes for the whole year for his family. He made a small garden and spent 15 minutes every day on the back of that garden, he produced about 30 kinds of vegetables in the garden.

So he started thinking that life was very straightforward. It was necessary to do such a tough job in the bank for 7 years. Where he was unable to get enough food for himself even after hard work, and here he is only two months a year and only 15 minutes daily It's really very easy to get more food than feeding up to six people's stuff. He thinks he's a fool like him. Nusa the school, who never failed to good results. It is never possible to have her own home because her friends who used to fast at school every time, are now making good jobs. Still, it takes 30 years to get their own house. So a man like him who could not finish his studies in the university, how he would build his own house he almost gave up, but then he began to build mud house for three months. Every morning, in the morning, it is employed to build five to seven houses in the morning, and after three months he will be in his own house Had made at home. And his friend, who was the clever boy of the class, had made his house for three months, but he had to repay the lone for that 30-year loan. If compared to his friend, then he has 29 years and ten months of free time. So it started to be special, life is really very easy. He never thought that building a house could be so straightforward. So since then, he began to build at least one house every year. Now he does not have much money, but he has lots of houses. Now the other problem is that he will go to sleep in his house tonight.
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