How to move forward to forget the past || Motivational

Once, when two monks went on a road to a village, they found that due to the rains on one side of the road, the water stock was gathered in a lot of places. A beautifully dressed girl stood beside the rage and said that why I came to this road. The first monk silent after seeing the girl you will become dirty due to the water mud Kap got out of his side, but the second monk took the girl in her arms and pulled her out of Jalkaada and let her down.

How to move forward to forget the past ||  Motivational
How to move forward to forget the past ||  Motivational

After the downfall, the girl's monk said thank you so much, instead of saying, as a monk, you took a young girl in her arms and did not know what the father was like to be a sannyasi. The two monks again started walking towards their monastery along the road to the village of Chupchap, and when they reached almost the monastery after about an hour's walk, the first monk D, who had gone out of the side of the girl, said the second monk T. I did not even have trouble for you because I heard the words of the second monk The first monk said to me that I had given up the girl before an hour ago. You are still taking the book with you, so that's why you have had so many times that someone has told you something bad that something bad happened to you that you absolutely have unexpected You did not forget that incident after the month-to-day month-to-month after the walk. If you are not able to do so often, keep watching this video for the last one, because today we will find an easy and practical way to get rid of the past memories of this video.

Let's start, let's start with Swami Vivekananda's childhood, many people know the story of the monkey chasing after the bridge, but in the engine, we have not learned how to dog behind you, and how many times have you been kidnapped in my childhood. When I see my dogs in my childhood, they did it. If I thought I was big, then I did not chase it, but if I started, why did it happen a day later Seeing me eating a para Kaku told me that you are afraid of a thief from him, why are they afraid to chase him and chase him by a rabbit standing in front of a goddess. The next day I am going to the road like the king but inside the voice, I'm working on what's going to be the behavior of the dogs and the dogs are barking. I started to forget all the barks, but now I ran out of courage. I cried out loud. I saw that the dogs were behind. Whenever I went through that road, I saw that the dogs were looking at me. And I did not wait to wait. After doing this 3-4 day, the dog stopped calling me because of the dog. I believe the story is not my only one, but many of us have faked this thing in my childhood.

Therefore, because of the fact that a recessant thing can be re-used in the past, it can be reused from past memories of the past. In the past, the name of the ghost does not exist in the past, hence there is no real existence of this ghost period. It exists only in my mind, not only in the past but also in the real There is no existence, these are the only ones in my mind that exist only You have some control where you can change something if you want it is only present, then both the past and the future have to work on both of us to collect the same information, so that we can make our current look beautiful so that we can make some positive changes. Whenever we know exactly when we try to change anything in the past or in the future We were so sorry after we became Accident that why I went to that place at that time or why I entered the relationship with the trust of such a betrayal, that is the desire to change the past which is not possible where it should be just where the three steps Accept-learn-move on.

First of all, it is clear that the incident happened that now I will die if I die in the head but it will not change it. First of all, it is clear that the incident happened. Now if I die in my head, then I will not change it. It does not mean that because of the other things to be done, it has become alreidi, then what is to be done is to see the next thing to do. What can I learn from here so that I can do better and I was walking on the phone and I was not able to take care of it before, if I am going to get out of the street today, if the phone is very emergency, then at one side of the side standing the phone in the pocket again Let's start the walk again. Here is the diameter of the story, which is the last accidenta leave that is negative Quit and learn what is on hold, the positives and move on. But from the recharge, the negatives have been seen to be more sticky than the positive in our mind. Alison laser route and services team can share some people with two groups and ask a group of them that a new surgery technique has been released, which has a succession rate of 70 percent. What are the Symptoms of Surgery on Facebook Like everyone on Facebook? You can think of Yerba but you can think of Surgery Technique Fillia Rate but Thirty Percent means that out of 100 people, 30 people will die but you still like to take Surgery from Teknaf. This is what everyone changes on Facebook instead of changing their choice.

Suddenly, after listening to positive, they responded positively to negative, instead of positives, instead of negative, secondly, the second class technique is said to be that the new carpet technician has found that another 100 percent of the caravan is likely to die of 30 people who will like you on this site. Everyone in the second group of the second group is called a 21-second group by displacing the surgical technique. Can you think the surgery rate is 7% success rate but 7% you will still discipline the surgery technique, but this time people of the Unlock The Facebook Second Group did not change their response from Negative to Positive, but still they are still doing what the surgery is doing. Alishan Result and his request, according to several other similar experiments, If we come to this conclusion, we feel more negative than positive and that is why we do not remember what is good with us all day, but at the end of our day, we do not want to get out of it.
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