How to get yourself among the top 1% of people || Motivational

Once a king, with the help of some of his soldiers, left a large stone in the middle of a road and hid behind a nearby bush to see that the people who traveled through that road saw the stone lying in the middle of the road, People started to come to that street. Some people came out of the quiet path and somebody came out After passing 99 stone on the way to the misery of the road for the misery of the road, a poor farmer came to the street with a vegetable on his head after seeing the stone lying in the street and the farmer down his head. It is difficult to keep a lot of pain by throwing stones at the roadside, after the removal of stones, when the farmer is behind When he went back to take his pair back to the head, he saw where the stone was lying, now there is a golden gold coin lying in his hand, a letter written in his own hand, to remove this stone from the hundred and a half pieces of gold, which earned him one hundred gold coins of the poor Farmer became one of the richest people in his village, so please note that what this poor peasant did exactly The poor farmer did the same, he had become so rich that has not had 99 people. That's exactly what you want to be among the top 1% of the people in the world. But you have to do the things that 99% of people do not do the top one percent people, what 99% of the people do not do. Today, in this video I will share with you the example of two brothers Ramesha Suresh.

How to get yourself among the top 1% of people || Motivational
How to get yourself among the top 1% of people || Motivational

By completing Graduation from Mohsin College, both Ramisha Suresh and Rameses Suresh, both of them got a salary of 10,000 rupees in the same company. Both knew that ask means something that comes with pocket money and live means something that picks money out of pocket but Yet, after getting the salary of the first month, Ramesh asked what was the previous deposit of 5,000 takas and the salary was 10 thousand takas. If the money is going to be lost after two years of buying a precious smartphone by money, the money will take 15 thousand rupees from the pocket of Ramesh in the next two years, if the money started to raise its lien, then gradually The name was about 99 percent of the people started on the journey, on the other hand, Suresh and the first month got the money to buy a phone because you heard So a phone was needed, but Suresh did not give 15000 rupees to buy a phone with 5000 rupees, which will satisfy all the needs of Suresh, and the remaining 5000 rupees Suresh made a business investment. From where we have heard that after 5000 rupees two years then maybe going to be 15000 rupees.

As soon as Suraj began to try to increase his assets, as soon as he started earning money, he began to move slowly towards a persistent people.

  • Build Assets Not Liabilities:

Ramesh and Suresh knew it well, knowing that investing means that after one time I will get a positive return from there. It means that after a time I will get a negative return from there, but still behind the new phone on Ramesh's day. Unconsciously began to spell for Just Entertainments. Ramesh knew very well that in the future, the pain in the back of the pain, the laziness of the brain became a party, despite the fact that despite the time spend, when the return came negative, Ramesh continued to do the same thing, then slowly, Ramesh walked towards 99 percent of the people. On the other hand, Suresh is working on building a business for five to six hours a day, and with Confidentially English people Speaking to speak, Schill started to invest in developing behind himself because Suresh knew that time investor would become an expert in the future of his return to deal with Suresh customers. As a result, with the improvement of Time Business, Suresh got a promotion after another.

  • Invest Time Don't Spend it:

Both Ramesh and Suresh knew that a study from Longgaste on Hopkins has shown that the happiness of a person's life depends more on the relationship between his life, the happiness of one's life, the better relationship with the people around them is the most important But the problem is that the relationship between Ramesh and others is starting to worsen when someone has more cloak What was the reason for that because Ramesh always tried to take pleasure from the front forwards, Ramesh had always been a Mindset that would make others happy in front of the other side of the Suresh, who always wanted to please the front of the sunshine, Instead, he was happy to share in front of the people who shared Suresh Hopkins shared the hopes from the front The result would have been close to someone when Suresh is physical relationship with him every day deeper and more bonding would be strong.

  • Share Happiness Don't Extract:

Thus, after 15 years, Ramesh's condition became somewhat 15 years ago, when Ramesh had joined the job, his financial condition was exactly the same as 15 years later, with different health issues such as Ramesh, which has to spend thousands of months behind medicines. Because he is not good with somebody, he now feels very alone in the world. Where is now the disgust for Ramesh's own life, on another side, Suresh's situation was somewhat similar to that for 15 years? After 15 years of regular business, Suresh was a successful businessman 15 years ago when he started his career, his financial condition She was able to reach 100 times better place than her and her family and her friends Even if you love him too, if you want to make your place among the top one percent of the world like Suresh, you must follow these three smart ideas.
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