How to be free from everything is possible || Motivational

If a pet dog dies next door, then what has happened is that a dog has died, but if your pet dog dies, it is almost stopped for three to three days. If the friend breaks out, why are you so unemployed for the good that you have been cheating for so long. If you break up, then it becomes almost like a condition of hospital admission. So, we take the light on the other things, but what happens to ourselves is that we make those same things so big for ourselves? So the answer is an attachment. The more that we are starting to believe in our own unity, the more we get to the extent that we begin to attach. If a friend's phone is stolen, then what is good is a new and a phone pubby is stupid for two or three days if he stole his phone. My pet dog is my girlfriend or my boyfriend, my own phone. Wherever I have my own attachment, the more strangers here are attachments and so many strings. There is more intense sadness on my friend's phone, my girlfriend's girlfriend has a friend in between me and the phone here.
How to be free from everything is possible || Motivational
How to be free from everything is possible || Motivational

Friendfriend's friend of the girlfriend, that means, here is a little less stroke than mine, so sad intensity and less. Now, if a friend of my friend is a breakup of someone who I do not know, then instead of sadly it started to take a lot less time. I hope that I am still able to explain to you a little bit where the attachment is original.

How to Free Your self From Attachment??

Since I can only attach to those things which are my means, my phone or my girlfriend, so the way to get attachment free is one thing I must first realize that I have no other things or the money that I am now telling me is really the money That means, the money has come out of me or you have no part of me. After a few days I have won again, someone else will be.

So this money was never received by me nor did I get a roll of enjoying using it for a while. That rule is my only job to play well. I will not take anything while I'm coming to this world, and I will not take anything, but how can I say yes, I can say that I have got a roll or opportunity to take care of this thing or for a few days. Butt is for some limited time.

So first of all, it must be understood that nothing is mine. That means nothing is permanent in life or temporarily for everything, we get some chance to use some things to play some role or what to do. For example, a dog playing a dog in the park was very good to see your dog's money, and since the dog was looking at you, you were hitting the tail, so you grabbed the dog and brought it home. And said that it was no problem since my dog was in the park till now, but that's where you brought the dog home and said that this is the dog from my moment of happiness, your happiness started to become sad, for a dog a little bit of a bad dog Mood began to turn off, but if the dog was in the park and that the body would have been bad, would that If the day was thick, yes maybe it would have been bad to see you still, but the friend's phone was stolen and your phone was stolen.

At that moment it was my dog that the dog stuck on the stomach, and the noise started from the moment, should not the dog be brought home, not only the condition, you understand that you are taking the responsibility to look after the dog for the last few days. You will not be able to live with a dog all the time with the dog. You have taken the responsibility to play Just one role, for Limited Time, when you go ahead and keep it in mind, the attachment will be created rather than the inclusion. That's the biggest difference between the integration of attachment ??

Involvement we get pandalized for that thing, let's go to the chip with the glue that it takes to smile. This phone means this phone and no other phone. This man just means that this man is no other human. That's the problem, but in the case of invocation, it is always in our head that I have just been responsible for playing this role a few times for some limited time. So it is a wise thing to play that role as the best. So that the rolls can be fully enjoyed.

This is what I am now to see who is this amita ??

The first thing that we all say is that our body is nothing more than what we have eaten from the childhood, the creation of a stack which is what we say is our mind, which is nothing more than our childhood through our five senses One of the piles of information and information that I have collected. If you do not believe try to say a word from your heart that you do not know, it is not possible at any time.

That is to say that both the body and mind are the main ones, I say that these things are the things we collect from the outside and slowly build up. Now the thing that I have built myself from outside is something that can be very much, but it can be something I have No Now if I do not take a glass of hands and say it is a glass of my glass, but if I start to say I am a glass, then everyone says that my body is bad and if I have a bad headache then my head is getting worse. That's exactly what happened with us that we have identified the wrong thing as the one which is at the root of all our sorrows. We have to bear the consequences of the mistake we made by accepting a lie as truth. Now the question is if I am not a body, and this is not the mind, then what is the real identity of my life that is the spirit of spirituality, when you leave everything in the body mine, then the thing that falls on it, you know what it is. You have to walk on this path in order to experience it. Because no one has any benefit to tell you unless you can experience yourself as long as you can not accept this truth. So it is possible only on the day that it is free of all utility attachments that you can express yourself that everything else is yours. Suddenly there is nothing to say. Everything is one and unique.

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