How do you know if he really loves you?

One month, Facebook has already talked to me all the time, because of having a chat with him. A lot of profits have been created suddenly, more than once a day, and you do not understand the whole confuse. It is again or relation of only one infraction or traction type has been done for several years. It does not feel good like that before, but the time has come to make a decision.

Now, what is the biggest question that will tell me whether I love him or me?

Or just one of our only attracting works is that I will share with you a book from Vietnam's book titled Books on Love. According to the authors, there are four elements of True Love. If these four elements are missing an element, then it is not true.

How do you know if he really loves you?
How do you know if he really loves you?

1)  Element Maitri.

The common meaning of friendship is to say friendship more and more, if it is the willingness and willingness to offer the happy and joyful people to the front, the willingness and willingness of the front will be happy and joyful, but the way we offer it, it is rather sad and frustrating rather than happy and joyful in his life. Just as you would like, you want your life partner to spend a little quality time with you every day He rose at just a gift for you to believe and buy into it you'll be happy about it. That is, the most important thing to establish a friendship of friendship is friendship. Undernourcing is what you think as a life partner, what do you think about your understanding? What things do you really enjoy? Do you understand what he really did? It is a happy endeavor, that is, understanding is the first element of the game At the time of judging True Justice or not, it is necessary to first consider it.

2)Element  Karuna.

The common meaning of mercy is compassion, but the compassion that we commonly understand is that the suffering of others is equally distressing, but compassion is meant to be a little different. If a patient is suffering from a disease, then it is not necessary that the doctor can treat the same person for the proper treatment He must find out the reason for logging quite a lot on his understanding from outside If you want to do medicines like that, you can heal the patient. Here grace is meant to mean that when you have the desire and ability to bring the person back from the pain, when you behave like a patient, does he play a role like a doctor and when he is like a patient You behave like a doctor when you are dealing with any problem, that is, when there is a problem, sit beside him.

3)Element Mudita.

The simple meaning of mudita is the joy he enjoys in your joy and you are delighted if you do not feel happy in love, but it can never be possible to get true. Here one should be cleansed of joy and happiness two things but one can be neither happy body nor mind But joy is only a matter of mind with an example, for a long time in the hope of passenger water in a desert. Suddenly he saw watering water in front of him. The joy he felt at the moment is that he felt happy after drinking the water, and if he went deeper, he would say, 'Mudita' means peace and satisfaction. It works between you two. If this is the only element in your relation, you have these elements of True Benefits.

4) Element Upeksha.

Here we do not understand what we mean, what we do not mean is not to be neglected. Here is the condition to say that in terms of love, it is said that love is so beautiful that I love him, that is, not something for him, he is like him and for all that I am I love him so much in language so that I love him for a particular direction or thing so that both of them are scared Without it, it gives freedom to express yourself, that is, there is no need to keep a mask between the two, that one may want to do something from the heart, but the fear of fear that others will think what they say will not dare to declare that such a situation is not created because of Then that love is passing and the love that is passing away, and whatever it is, to tell the true love of some time mango I understand that it can not be the.

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