5 reasons you have been sad || Motivational

How long life is going to be boiling every day seems like a miss? But do not understand that missing thing, if you are concerned about it, then watch the video end today. I am going to present those missing things in front of you in this video so that you can be careful about them and be careful about your life by boring. Can convert and yes I will not only find missing things but how they can be solved Some Easy Tips for This Video I'll share with you.
So let's get started
5 reasons you have been sad || Motivational
5 reasons you have been sad || Motivational

  •  Social Media Addiction:

Social media is teaching us how to compromise our lives with the lives of others, and how much fun to spend their lives every day, how much good quality of food every day lives and my life is sitting in the house all day, social media is our constant and it is In the case of how happy you are, you are more than happy to see others, and so, It's normal to be sad all the time because no matter what your life is so fun, you will find someone in your social media who sees your own life as boring. Here's the funny thing to look at, seeing you live her life very interesting, she is also boring her life That's the meaning. That does not mean that I'm using social media to take drugs if the limit is taken by medicines, but without limiting, Brazil again becomes the cause of death.

Social media is a very powerful tool today if we can use it correctly. While opening the accounts in the WhatsApp app, the default status is the opening of this. I am giving WhatsApp, but in many cases, how they fall into the heart of WhatsApp, they should become a statute. Usage should never be used, so be careful that the price Car notifications and Board M, these two things work as our social media decryption trigger, so to delete these two, we need to first stop the notification by going to the notification settings and always have to keep busy for some work.

Notice that on the day you have worked, you do not have to check your social media, so get out of the addiction and learn to be happy with your life because it is just a fool to comprehend your life with someone else's life because it is with a lot of fish. Birds are to be compared where life is different from both of them.

  • Lethargy

From the scientific point of view, our whole body is a well-balanced chemical supermarket, from our physical structure to which all of the mental structures are controlled by the chemical supermarket. You may know that behind all of our emotions, there are many hormones which are extracted in our body such as endorphins, which have a hormone Who has the feeling of feeling good about us? Whenever the laziness is reached at the extreme stage of laziness, it begins to feel slighted without any reason. This is because the absence of endorphin hormones in our body prevents laryngitis from hormonal endocrine hormones and exercise Yoga helps them to crack the interaction hormones, as you are lazy. Doing so will cause you to become ill because of your reason.

  • Aimless Life

Suppose you were taken to a street and asked to walk straight on this road why nothing would have been said to you about it. Then how would you like to walk on that road? Surely speaking, it will take some time to start feeling upset after some time. The specific goal is that if you can walk 1km through the road in the tenth mile, then you will get rid of this ridge If you get a gold box at the bottom, then how do you start to walk along the road with energy? It is exactly like making life a mining flower and it is very important to have a clear goal. Yes, we all have some goals in life but it is not clear when someone has a goal Making a lot of money but many meanings are just how much time it is very few people are clear.

  • Ignorance

Day by day weight gain You know that you should take care of your diet and you need to exercise a little bit every day, but you are not going to ignore this need by giving yourself some excuse to avoid it. You know you're cheating yourself, nothing else. Your self-esteem day will be taken away Self-esteem is the meaning of what you mean by your own self. If you like it, if you do not like it, if you do not like it all day, then it can be happy for you if the mood becomes irritated, then the head will become warm so that you will need to stop neglecting these things to increase your cell system. Knowing from inside would be happy for you, but avoiding doing any work with any excuse Excuse me if I do that you need to start off.
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