3 ways to keep yourself in bad control || Sad

The uncivilized people may not be able to look at where you were, but no one was able to hear it, but someone heard the words, and from that moment on, your temperament is bad and if you talk about a person's face with bad words, then you think about the incident. If you feel bad all day, then you have time for your emu want to increase the control over emotions. If the head of the boss is upside down, the job may go away, or if the frustration tells the opposite of your boyfriend or girlfriend, or if you do any work, then the relationship can be completely eroded, how much control can be on him, not just his co-worker Due to a lot of personal and professional life successes.

3 ways to keep yourself in bad control || Sad
3 ways to keep yourself in bad control || Sad

In my opinion, in my opinion, in a word, due to the acceleration in the word, when someone is floating in emotions, it does not make any major decisions, because it is in the emotional state of the matter, and the decisions are wrong, this is a scientific process and our bank can be divided into two groups of MLS. An emotional system and a national system, what we change through our five sensor songs is the first of all When it reached the part of the thoracic bone, the first one reached it. Midbrain. Is this what is called our brain system? It can be transmitted from a limbic brain. Only then can a signal generation system. Now when we become emotional, our brain system is more active and the Russian system is less Now the logic of our logical thinking goes away and emotionally, Illogic If we did not make the decision that the person's mistake was wrong, the thing that created the connection between our brain's emotional national system is called our Emotional Intelligence. It means that the ability to understand the passions of yourself and others in easy Bangla stands in Bangla In many resorts, I've found that only 20% of the people's IQ plays a role in succeeding in life, while the remaining 80% depends on this thirst, so that the IQ here on Emotional Intelligence becomes an integral part of the age after PQ, but at any age, Anyone can grow through it.

So let's know what these practices are?

1)Ask Yourself Why.

A boy all day after entering college, after leaving the laptop, he took a little lap and sat down with his mother and did not need to do some study. Whenever Tire did not sit in the lap, Tire heard her bribe, and the boy's head was warmed up because the whole day After returning from the gold, these gold was unexpected to him. Whenever such unexpected things happen to us, then basically, to begin hijacking our brain's emotional system, the National System, we need to try to see the Big Picture of each of the Situation, and to always see the Big Picture, The answer is to find out why Yi suddenly happened to be the mother of the child today, maybe the boy is home Before returning, there was a disturbance in her house, and her mother was disturbed whenever we thought only something from our own, then we would become more emotional if we tried to think from every point of view of each of the Situations, then using our logical mine to use forceful That is, by email, which helps to embarrass the emotion many times whenever there is no such sieve Esane will face when you become too emotional. At the same time do not hesitate to do some three-second question and ask yourself why.
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